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Frequently Asked Questions about the CESCG Stem Cell Hub

Table of Contents

Who can contribute data to the SC Hub?

Thank you for your interest in submitting data to the SC Hub! However, only labs funded through the CIRM Genomics Initiative are allowed to submit data. You may want to submit your data to another project such as the Human Cell Atlas (HCA).

How can I contact the SC Hub?

You can contact our support team with any questions you may have.

How can I find my data?

First, you will need to filter the available files on the Files page to display only your lab's files. To do this, enter your lab name (e.g. "kriegstein") into the filter box above the "lab" column. If your lab has more than one dataset associated with it, then you can also use the filter box above the "data_set_id" to filter for a specific dataset.

Once you've filtered your data for your lab and dataset, then you can use the information under the Download section of the Help page.