Welcome to the CESCG Stem Cell Hub!
Welcome to the Stem Cell Hub web site!

The CIRM Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Genomics (CESCG) was established with the goal to apply genomics and bioinformatics approaches to stem cell research to accelerate fundamental understanding of human biology and disease mechanisms, enhance cell and tissue production and advance personalized cellular therapies. The Stem Cell Hub was built with funding from CIRM to host high-quality genomic data collected under the CESCG Collaborative Research Programs (CRP).

The Stem Cell Hub contains many terabytes of data that cover a large variety of sequencing assays, including a vast amount of single-cell data. It houses primary data files such as DNA reads in fastq format, as well as many types of files derived from mapping and other analysis of the primary data, and PDF and other document files describing protocols. Sequenced samples in the Stem Cell Hub include naturally developing human tissues as well as cells engineered from healthy skin and blood cells to become replacements for diseased cells and tissues, including data from ethically and scientifically careful human clinical trials.

We hope that the Stem Cell Hub will be useful to a wide range of scientists from clinicians to cell biologists to bioinformaticians doing custom analysis and combining data from multiple projects. Please see the help link for additional information on how to use the site.

If you have any questions, or if you'd like to contribute data to the Stem Cell Hub, please contact our support team at cirm-wrangler-group@ucsc.edu